Jenzabar Analytics Product Sheet

Jenzabar Analytics Product Sheet

Leverage Data to Make Informed Decisions, Take Actions, and Achieve Objectives

Institutional success in today’s disruptive higher education environment strongly relies on an organization’s ability to be responsive and deliver favorable student outcomes. Unfortunately, institutions are fraught with challenges: declining and unpredictable enrollment, shifting demographic trends, rising discount rates, increasing costs, decreasing federal funding, and the growing perception that higher education is not meeting the needs of business. Additionally, one of the greatest assets to improving outcomes is also a burden: the deluge of data from a wide array of channels and platforms is overwhelming. Getting your data in order delays your ability to make critical data-informed decisions.

Jenzabar Analytics centralizes data from disparate sources to empower you to assess, understand, and use data to uncover meaningful and actionable intelligence. By aggregating and making sense of your data, you can identify and predict trends, causes, and opportunities in order to take timely action that will drive institutional sustainability and student success. With a host of easy-to-use dashboards and visualization tools, Jenzabar Analytics allows decision-makers on your team to leverage your data as a strategic resource.

At a Glance

Jenzabar Analytics allows you to ask deeper questions, dig into trends and their causes, make projections, discover opportunities, and take actions that will drive institutional and student success. Jenzabar Analytics delivers robust data analytics capabilities to leaders across higher education campuses. It puts you in control of how you use your data and frees up institutional research and IT staff. It also standardizes data to enable high-quality, consistent, and reliable reporting across your institution, while also allowing you to benchmark against norms across the industry or specific market segments. 

Jenzabar Analytics comprises three distinct components: Program Insights Model, Financial Health Model, and Data Cloud. With the click of a button, the Program Insights Model allows you to dig deep into the holistic health of programs and courses across financial health and student performance axes. The Financial Health Model gives you detailed insight into your fiscal well-being by analyzing key performance indicators such as your Composite Financial Index, net operating revenue, asset performance, and more. The Data Cloud collects and stores a configurable daily snapshot of data from your institution and third-party sources in a cloud-based data lake unique to your institution.


Put your data to work

  • Empower decision-makers to uncover trends, causes, and opportunities
  • Increase data-driven decision-making
  • Ensure your academic program portfolio is optimized to maximize student success and institutional sustainability 
  • Monitor and ensure the short- and long-term financial well-being of your institution based on industry-recognized best practices
  • Centralize data storage in a secure, private, cloud-based data lake
Jenzabar Analytics

Program Insights Model

Academic program analysis is often a difficult, manual process that is not conducted very often or even at all. This limits the insight institutions have regarding how their programs are performing from both a financial and student success perspective. With the Program Insights Model, you can dig deep into program, course, and even section performance with the click of a button.

The Program Insights Model allows you to assess and improve the performance of your programs by creating a standardized health score leveraging key metrics. Institutions can now directly compare programs across cost, net tuition revenue, student enrollment, student demand, and credit hours consumed. Ensure you have the right faculty mix teaching courses; have an appropriate number of sections for key courses; and generate fiscally sound programs to support your mission, student outcomes, and the bottom line.

  • Make nimble decisions by quickly seeing the impact of actual instructional cost, student tuition discount, net tuition revenue, enrollment composition, and student performance at the program, course, and section level
  • Rank, compare, and filter programs by their health score for a holistic understanding and view of how all programs are performing in relation to each other so you can add resources to growing programs and prune poorly performing programs
  • Optimize your academic program portfolio to strengthen institutional sustainability, attract the right students, and improve student outcomes
  • Adjust course and section offerings to improve student performance and reduce section proliferation by leveraging financial metrics
  • View five-year trends of financial, performance, and enrollment metrics to identify opportunities for growth and change

Financial Health Model

The Financial Health Model provides you with always-on views into key performance indicators and ratios you need to support your mission. Included indicators are the industry-trusted Composite Financial Index, net operating revenues, asset performance, and liquidity, among others. It allows you to access critical information to understand your institution’s financial health at any time. Easily communicate important metrics to stakeholders across your campus to improve fiscal transparency and enable informed actions. No more need to manually calculate these important metrics each time you want to see them; the data is always ready, and the intuitive dashboards are only a click away.

The Financial Health Model automatically calculates your institution’s Composite Financial Index score, which has traditionally been a time-intensive manual exercise. View your Composite Financial Index using real-time data or from the closing dates of your choice. The highly configurable account mappings can be tailored to the requirements of your state or peer group according to accounting standards. 

  • Ascertain the financial health of your institution at any given time at the push of a button
  • Communicate important financial metrics to stakeholders across campus via easy-to-understand visualizations with embedded definitions
  • Automate your financial health monitoring by utilizing industry best practices that improve reporting consistency and reduce the risk of human error
  • Monitor the underlying financial drivers that impact your institution’s financial health
  • View and map the general ledger accounts that make up the financial ratios comprising your health indicators
  • Maximize data quality by easily identifying unmapped accounts or other complications that arise from annual changes to your general ledger accounts

Data Cloud

The Data Cloud provides a platform to enable consistent reporting to confidently make data-informed decisions. Leverage state-of-the-art workflows to automatically collect data from core Jenzabar systems and third-party data sources regardless of where they are hosted. Securely store critical institutional information in a centralized, private, data lake unique to your institution.

Most institutions find their data squirreled away in silos, spreadsheets and third-party applications across campus. As a result, decision-making agility is diminished, as the required data has to be located, identified, and sourced before taking action. The Data Cloud provides a single location to store, archive, and access all your institution’s data. Centralizing your data simplifies trend reporting, enables date-to-date comparisons, and invites the opportunity to use predictive analytics.

  • Consolidate large quantities of data from disparate systems to form a rich and comprehensive data profile of your institution
  • Generate a daily state-in-time picture of your data for easy date-to-date comparisons of important metrics like enrollment counts or admissions cycle status
  • Visualize and analyze your data using the reporting tool of your choice 
  • Store any digital asset, such as documents, pictures, and videos, etc.
  • Harness the infinite scalability and processing power of the cloud