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Personalize Outreach to Recruit Your Best-Fit Students

Jenzabar Recruitment brings together modern communication tools into a comprehensive, cloud-based constituent relationship management (CRM) platform designed to maximize your recruitment efforts and enrollment outcomes. Personalize your communications with prospective students to improve engagement and conversion rates.

Build and nurture relationships with students looking at your campus, track engagement across every touchpoint from the first interaction, and manage all recruitment strategies from a centralized, user-friendly solution built for higher education.

Jenzabar Recruitment
Jenzabar Recruitment

We’ve seen uptakes in applications and have been able to streamline our processes on the back end. Jenzabar Recruitment has helped in terms of getting the message out there a little more. And we can run instant reports to see where we are and tweak on the fly if we need to.

Todd Kleine
Interim Chief Information Officer
Dominican University

I really feel like we are set up for the future with Jenzabar Recruitment. I think the system was a good investment and will make our lives more organized and easier in a lot of ways. I am very glad to have some modern tools to help us recruit our students.

Dr. Joseph Liesen
Executive Director Institutional Technology
Culver-Stockton College

Culver-Stockton College

Attract Today’s Learners, Simplify Applications, and Increase Enrollment

Jenzabar Recruitment is a modern CRM platform designed to help your admissions office capture vital student information, deliver personalized messages, and cultivate meaningful relationships with prospective students and their families to increase enrollment. Through a mobile-first online application and innovative student portal, Jenzabar Recruitment makes it easy for students to start, track, complete, and submit their application to your institution.

Identify and recruit the best candidates for your institution.


  • Accelerate email outreach, improve segmentation, and optimize engagement by automating workflows.
  • Create, send, and manage 1:1 text messages, including standardized messages and “nudges” for faster replies and more completed applications, through a centralized inbox.
  • Manage in-person and virtual events through a single system.
  • Allow students to start and complete their application online and enable staff to easily process application reviews and decisions.
  • Build and customize reports in real time so staff can use data to make timely and more informed recruitment decisions while monitoring funnel metrics.

Jenzabar Recruitment

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Jenzabar Recruitment

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