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Seamlessly Integrate Your Entire Campus

Regain control of your technology ecosystem by consolidating and simplifying how you manage system-to-system integrations across your campus. As an integrated platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) offering, Jenzabar Unity Platform allows you to manage your entire higher education IT stack through a single system. It delivers an ever-expanding suite of pre-integrated, out-of-the-box (OOB) application programming interfaces (APIs) and allows you to build and onboard your own APIs through a user-friendly dashboard so you can seamlessly bring together Jenzabar applications with on-premises and cloud applications.

Jenzabar Unity Platform

A cloud-based, user-friendly integration platform powered by Dell Boomi to seamlessly connect the on-premises and cloud applications on your campus

Connect Your Campus

Jenzabar Unity Platform

Powered by the industry-leading Dell Boomi solution, Jenzabar Unity Platform is designed to help you increase efficiency, eliminate data and operational silos, and reduce your dependency on legacy integrations that are impacting your digital transformation. With an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface (low-code, no-code), staff can easily onboard new APIs rapidly and cost-effectively.

Modernize your entire IT infrastructure, unify all your solutions, and manage and monitor all your integrations through a single platform.


  • Leverage pre-integrated APIs for bringing together Jenzabar solutions with third-party applications
  • Simplify and accelerate API onboarding through a user-friendly, non-technical interface
  • Improve operational efficiency by eliminating data and application silos
  • Bridge the gap between on-premises and cloud environments
  • Design, secure, and test scalable integration APIs in real time
  • Manage API notifications and operational statuses through a single dashboard

Jenzabar Unity Platform

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Product Sheet: Jenzabar Unity Platform

Integration Plays a Pivotal Role in Higher Education’s Transforming Technology Landscape

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