Jenzabar Unity Platform Product Sheet

Jenzabar Unity Platform Product Sheet

Seamlessly Integrate Your Entire IT Infrastructure

The abundance of digital technologies has increased the need for higher education institutions to leverage intelligent, reliable, and robust integration capabilities that seamlessly connect a wide ecosystem of applications. Jenzabar Unity Platform allows you to orchestrate and maintain your entire technology stack by supporting an ever-expanding collection of out-of-the-box (OOB) application programming interfaces (APIs) and providing complete system-to-system integrations across the Jenzabar One suite, as well as other select solutions. 

Powered by the industry-leading Boomi solution, Jenzabar Unity Platform is an integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) offering that enables you to build and deploy APIs across on-premises and cloud applications—even outside of the Jenzabar ecosystem—and monitor all APIs through a centrally managed dashboard. It allows you to eliminate silos and improve productivity by utilizing a range of OOB APIs that make processes smarter, faster, and easier. You can also easily build your own APIs and integrations across your entire infrastructure. 

At a Glance

Jenzabar Unity Platform is designed to help you increase efficiency, eliminate data and operational silos, and reduce your dependency on legacy integrations that no longer adhere to the complex needs of your evolving IT architecture. With an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface, staff can easily onboard additional APIs at a fraction of the time and cost typically associated with sophisticated or best-of-breed software implementations. 

Increase your staff productivity and data access and transparency by integrating myriad applications and creating a seamless digital environment. Modernize your entire IT infrastructure, unify all your solutions, and manage and monitor all your integrations through a single platform. 


  • Leverage OOB and configurable APIs, as well as pre-integrated APIs for Jenzabar One
  • Simplify staff experiences with an easy-to-use (low-code, no code), drag-and-drop interface
  • Organize your entire infrastructure of integrations in one stable environment
  • Improve staff productivity by eliminating data and application silos
  • Bridge the gap between on-premises and cloud environments
  • Reduce downtime by managing API notifications and operational statuses through a single dashboard
  • Design, secure, and test scalable integration APIs in real time
  • Use the industry-leading iPaaS platofrm, by Boomi
  • Access free online training, including certification programs
Unity Platform Product Sheet

Connect Your Campus

Jenzabar Unity Platform gives you the ability to enable an end-to-end digital campus that connects all applications through a single, centrally managed system. This allows you to accelerate core operations and processes, share information between users more easily, and empower students and staff with cutting-edge solutions without siloed access to information. 

Industry-Leading iPaaS Solution

Jenzabar Unity Platform utilizes one of the world’s leading cloud integration platforms, Boomi, to eliminate data silos and bring together cloud and on-premises applications. 

  • Leverage a cloud-first IT infrastructure
  • Bridge the gap between on-premises systems and cloud environments
  • Access free online training and certification programs

Pre-Built Jenzabar One APIs

In its library of OOB integrations, Jenzabar Unity Platform offers a range of pre-built Jenzabar One APIs, which bring together Jenzabar One applications and select partner solutions to help you drive institutional and student success. 

  • Pre-integrate Jenzabar One applications
  • Streamline processes across Jenzabar One
  • Implement next-generation solutions faster

Centralized API Management

Design, build, test, and deploy scalable APIs and integrations in real time through a centralized system. Jenzabar Unity Platform sends real-time notifications on API performance so you can easily monitor the status of integrations. 

  • Reduce IT workload and enable more strategic initiatives
  • Receive error notifications in real time to optimize infrastructure performance
  • Improve faculty and staff experience and efficiency

Portfolio of Integrations

Jenzabar Unity Platform provides access to a range of OOB and system-to-system integrations to unify your IT infrastructure. You can also customize APIs to improve how data is integrated across your campus. 

  • Build customized APIs that your specific infrastructure needs
  • Leverage proven integrations with some of the industry’s leading solutions
  • Modernize your IT infrastructure through a single platform