Campus Marketplace powered by Jenzabar
Campus Marketplace powered by Jenzabar

Campus Marketplace

powered by Jenzabar

Build and Grow Your Non-Traditional Program Offerings, Enroll More Students, and Serve the Needs of Your Community

To support alternative education programs, enable enrollment growth, and address the needs of students and businesses alike, you need Campus Marketplace powered by Jenzabar.

Campus Marketplace brings together strategic marketing services, an online storefront, registration software, and prebuilt curricula. It is designed to give you more freedom and flexibility in delivering modern learning opportunities and to support your institution as it starts, grows, and sustains non-traditional programs.  

Attract learners across demographics and get your non-traditional programs up and running fast

Campus Marketplace enables you to deliver the online and flexible learning experiences that digital-native students expect

Manage Every Aspect of Your Non-Traditional Programming

Simplify the registration process for non-traditional programs by offering enrolled and unenrolled learners a familiar online buying experience in a branded storefront. Expand your reach and provide learners with easy access to the skills they need to succeed in the professional world. Best of all, Campus Marketplace integrates with Jenzabar One, ensuring you can unite your data and make informed decisions that drive innovation.


  • Attract and retain students with new course offerings that include in-demand skills. 
  • Accelerate registration and eliminate barriers to increase enrollment and revenue.   
  • Better manage dual-enrollment partnerships with local school districts by providing unique catalogs and purchase/registration workflows. 
  • Gain greater financial insight into profitability on the course- or program-level to drive revenue up and costs down.  
  • Improve certificate and program management with membership and subscription options and advanced reporting. 
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Market Your Courses and Drive Traffic to Your Website 

Create awareness and expand your program's reach with an array of content marketing services that will drive traffic to your website and create content tailored to your right-fit students. Improve your SEO, create communications sequences to potential corporate partners, design compelling course descriptions, and more. 


  • Drive qualified traffic to your website and attract new learners to your institution with SEO-rich content. 
  • Advertise and grow your institution’s non-traditional programming with strategic marketing support and services. 
  • Increase your institution and program visibility with a branded website dedicated to matching learners to their ideal courses.   
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Launch Curated Curricula for Today’s Most In-Demand Skills

Skill bootcamps are non-credit courses offered through leading learning providers, vetted by subject matter experts, and delivered as a Common Cartridge that can be easily added to any learning management system. Each bootcamp contains an iterative weekly project that builds to a demonstrable portfolio piece, as well as detailed rubrics and discussion prompts for faculty.


  • Launch non-traditional programs immediately by offering pre-designed courses. 
  • Reach new learners seeking to upskill or reskill by offering courses that align with regional, local, or community needs.  
  • Give students easy access to in-demand skills to better prepare them for professional success.  
  • Partner with and provide custom curricula to corporations to upskill employees.  
  • Give your non-traditional programming longevity by aligning with changing learner and employer needs.   
  • Provide learners with demonstrable skills by incorporating capstone projects.   
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Campus Marketplace Awarded Platinum for Best Student Success & Retention Product

Campus Technology 2022 New Product Award Winner

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Webinar: Adaptation Across the Higher Ed Landscape

Webinar: Adaptation Across the Higher Ed Landscape

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Product Sheet: Campus Marketplace

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Audiobook: Is Unbundling the Future of Higher Education?

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