Jenzabar Chatbot Product Sheet

Jenzabar Chatbot

Empower student success with an, AI-driven, self-service platform

Students often encounter challenges when navigating their higher learning journeys, prompting them to ask questions that will guide them to success. In many cases, however, getting those answers can be difficult and require navigating through various resources to identify the appropriate staff to interact with on campus. Meanwhile, providing on-demand support for frustrated or unhappy students can be time-consuming and repetitive for staff. Institutions need a way to empower students to get answers quickly at any time. 

Jenzabar Chatbot provides a convenient, easily navigable, and readily available source of information. Providing anytime, anywhere access to answers on your institution’s website or portal can alleviate the need for staff to answer repetitive questions—even after hours or on weekends. This frees up time to focus on delivering personalized service and support for students with more complex needs. It also ensures that students receive consistent answers to commonly asked questions for every department across campus. 

At a Glance

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Jenzabar Chatbot acts as an always-on, digital engagement channel that works with any student information system (SIS). The platform’s use of natural language processing means that students can ask a nearly limitless array of questions and the system will learn and evolve with every question. This allows it to become an increasingly valuable provider of information the more it gets used. 

Jenzabar Chatbot prompts users with an easy, one-click micro-satisfaction survey using familiar emoticons upon every interaction, providing real-time insight into student happiness. This instant feedback allows institutions to take quick measurements into student satisfaction. It also provides a window into what students are thinking, feeling, and concerned about so institutions can identify trends, respond to student needs, and mitigate risk faster and more efficiently. 


  • Leverage the only chatbot on the market that complies with the Clery Act. 
  • Support unlimited users across campus with a single license. 
  • Empower users to get quick responses to questions on demand. 
  • Answer inquiries via an automated, SIS-agnostic, 24X7X365 channel. 
  • Increase student confidence and their ability to address challenges throughout their educational journey, from prospective learner to student to alumnus. 
  • Reduce the time staff needs to spend on repetitive requests and automate answers for commonly asked questions for every department. 
  • Increase personal attention to students. 
  • Gain insight into trending student needs and topics so you can optimize your content and services. 
  • Chat to a real human with Live Agent 
  • Take a pulse of student attitudes, motivations, and satisfaction levels.
Jenzabar Chatbot

A Smarter Way to Automate and Scale Student Support

In today’s digital ecosystem, students expect convenient, 24X7 service and support. While institutions do their best to provide guidance, being readily available at all hours, having a single source of truth for responses to nearly limitless questions, and having enough staff to answer every incoming question is growing increasingly difficult. Institutions need a more automated and scalable method to support students. 

Jenzabar Chatbot provides a solution for institutions to direct students through a self-service channel for more commonly asked questions, freeing up time for personnel to engage with students on more complicated matters and provide deeper and more personalized support. 

Enable AI-Driven Support

Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Jenzabar Chatbot evolves and matures with every conversation. Upon initial delivery, the platform is preconfigured with hundreds of questions with suggested answer templates. Institutions can easily configure additional questions and answers to their unique institution or student inquiries.

  • Enable intelligent, institutionally tailored answers for commonly asked questions
  • Respond to student questions in a unified, consistent voice
  • Leverage preconfigured questions and answers and easily add more inquiries to build out an ever-expanding repository of responses
  • Easily get up and running in as little as 4 weeks. 

Put Students First

Jenzabar Chatbot uniquely supports a micro-satisfaction survey upon every interaction. It uses familiar emoticons to enable one-click responses that provide quick insight into student sentiment, satisfaction, and risk levels. This enables institutions to get a gauge on how students are feeling to better respond to student needs and mitigate risk.

Additionally, Jenzabar Chatbot enables institutions to prioritize student safety. If a student’s feedback indicates self-harm or a threat towards others, the conversation is immediately flagged and provides a confidential notification through the appropriate channels. With its safety flagging feature, Jenzabar Chatbot supports compliance with the Clery Act, a law aimed to provide transparency into campus crime policies and statistics.

  • Enable 24x7x365 self-service access to on-demand questions and answers
  • Evaluate user satisfaction and happiness using familiar emoticon surveys with every interaction
  • Glimpse what students are thinking, feeling, and concerned about to mitigate risk and improve success
  • Increase student safety by flagging concerning statements to the appropriate channels and authorities
  • Leverage the only higher education chatbot that complies with the Clery Act. 
  • Host unlimited users and departments across campus with a single license. 
  • Support students throughout their higher education lifecycle, helping departments across campus perform more efficiently.