Jenzabar Finance Product Sheet

Jenzabar Finance Product Sheet

Reach Your Goals With Seamless Financial Management

Empower your staff with a comprehensive, secure, and integrated approach to finance—by building efficiency and transparency into your financial planning and management. Jenzabar® Finance will help you gain control over your institution’s critical financial information, helping you manage student and vendor activity, along with managing your budget process, accounts, cash flow, capital assets, and projects more effectively than ever before.

The Jenzabar Finance suite has an expanse of options to streamline and optimize your institution’s financial operations so staff can focus on delivering a remarkable student experience. Jenzabar Finance is a complete set of fully-integrated, adaptable modules, built to manage all your finance department functions—each sharing a common database and user interface.

At a Glance

Jenzabar Finance is a financial management platform designed exclusively for higher education. Built on the industry-leading Microsoft® SQL Server® platform, Jenzabar Finance connects your entire institution via a centralized database and a complete suite of fully-integrated modules. Jenzabar Finance can be rapidly deployed. Its interoperable workflows easily adapt as your institution’s policies change and technology evolves.


  • Configurable
  • Integrated
  • Cloud-ready
  • Feature-rich
  • Workflow-driven
  • Shared database
  • Powerful reporting tools
Jenzabar Finance

Jenzabar Finance is easy to use especially for billing purposes. I’m not spending nights and weekends trying to ensure our bills are correct and accurate for students.

Latricia Heard
Director of Accounts Receivable
Lake Forest College

Take Control of Your Financial Picture

Jenzabar Finance allows authorized users to share, update, store, and report on real-time information across departments, which streamlines workflows, optimizes business processes, and automates operations. This means you can stay focused on helping your students become their best and brightest while Jenzabar Finance takes care of the rest.

Accounts Receivable

Create a seamless accounts receivable process and share up-to the-minute information across your campus. Calculating charges, managing payment plans, providing online statements, and overseeing account collection on overdue accounts are all possible with the Accounts Receivable module. Proactively manage your institution’s cash position and maximize cash flow through every step of the process. Access student account balances quickly and easily so you can build strong constituent relationships by responding promptly to questions and staying in touch.

  • Statement and balance management
  • Customized reports and automatic billing
  • Bill generation by student group, individual, or account activity
  • Interest and late fee calculation
  • Dynamic cash flow management
  • Account aging and processing
  • General billing rules exceptions, special waivers and discounts
  • “Send to Collections” tag
  • Real-time charge generation
  • Online self-service payment plans
  • Automatic updates to account balances from subledger
  • Credit balances passed seamlessly to AP for refund check processing
  • Online 1098-T and electronic consent

Accounts Payable

Gain increased control over your institution’s critical financial information to better manage cash flow and vendor transactions more effectively and efficiently. The Accounts Payable module helps you manage transactions every step of the way and verifies compliance with each transaction. By enabling more efficient invoice management and check processing, the solution helps you optimize daily cash flow and maintain strong vendor relationships.

  • Data management, maintenance, and integration
  • Multiple batch entries
  • Automated recurring payment entries
  • Invoice and PO for General Ledger detail
  • Multiple department budget assignments for each invoice
  • Optimized cash flow management
  • Electronic payment processing with ACH files
  • Student refund checks based on AR account balances
  • Multiple line entries for invoices
  • Vendor profile and summary maintenance
  • 1099-Miscellaneous, 1099-Interest, 1099-Q, 1099-R reporting
  • Open items view and aging reports view

General Ledger

General Ledger Gain complete control over all your institution’s financial activity. Quickly tracking and managing your financial information is easy with simple access to invoice and purchase order numbers, audit trails, forecasting, bank statement reconciliations, and a summary budget sorted by department. The General Ledger module lets you record and analyze your financial information to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Record financial activity anywhere on your campus and create a complete record of your institution’s financial transactions.

  • Immediate update of General Ledger balances
  • Automatic generation of recurring journal entries
  • Sub-ledgers for tracking student account details
  • Unlimited prior fiscal years for comparative analysis
  • Subsidiary account calculations
  • Year-end closing and balance forward entries
  • Customizable reporting and data validation
  • Automatic journal entry accrual/reversal
  • Reports include: Trial Balance, General Ledger, Reports, Statement of Activities, Statements of Financial Position
  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) conformity
  • External reports for FASB and GASB
  • FASB, NACUBO, and AICPA reporting regulation compliance


Budget Empower your staff and build efficiency and transparency into your financial planning—and reach your institutional goals. Move to a comprehensive, secure, and integrated approach to budgeting with the Budget module. By allowing integrated and collaborative budget creation and consolidation, it is easier than ever to manage and control your financial plan. Set up access and workflow as you desire; automated notifications will keep everyone connected—all in a secure environment. Integration with Microsoft Excel supports easy imports and exports in and out of the system. Now you can drill down to the transaction level for visibility into spending, monitor and track your budget with data visualization, and easily spot trends.

  • Automated pre-loaded notification events
  • Budget roll-ups and approval hierarchies
  • Unlimited budget officer support
  • Alternate names, documentation/comments for budget line items
  • Budget increase/decrease by percentage, global modifications
  • Secure environment accessible from anywhere
  • Electronic approvals, instant notifications, clear audit trail
  • Drill down into actual spending in historical years
  • Simple-to-use budget adjustment requests
  • User-defined roles
  • Budget profiles
  • Unlimited report variations


Increase productivity with a secure and accurate tracking processing for purchases. Track all purchases within any department and throughout your institution. The Purchasing module decreases the window of error by preventing payment on invoices not marked as received. It also charges purchase orders and requisitions to various departments and tracks those orders—freeing staff to focus on other assignments.

  • Collaborative purchasing workflow
  • Automatic purchase order creation
  • Automatic encumbrance release upon requisition denial
  • Role-based workspace workflow
  • Enhanced notifications
  • Rules-based process to automatically approve track assignments
  • Budget checking
  • Requisition approval and transfer
  • Purchase control and tracking
  • Specified purchase blocking
  • PO search, order status window, and PO emailing
  • Various shipping location support
  • Export to Microsoft Excel

Fixed Assets

The Fixed Assets module lets you manage the fixed asset lifecycle from acquisition to disposal, while efficiently maintaining and processing depreciation of assets. In a fully integrated accounting and management environment, you can manage assets, depreciation, and reporting. Easily transfer asset information from Accounts Payable invoices and transfer depreciation entries to General Ledger accounts for a complete accounting flow.

  • Construction in progress (CIP) tracking by invoices/vendor
  • Lifecycle stages: review, CIP, depreciation, non-depreciation, asset sale, retirement
  • Asset assignment to campus location/ employee use
  • Detailed transactions for invoices posted to assets
  • Accumulated asset depreciation detail
  • Service history, improvements, purchase information, notes
  • Custom security groups by classes and departments
  • Asset reclassification
  • Depreciation processing and forecasting
  • Straight-line and declining balance methods with multiple conventions, including whole month, half-year or whole year
  • Comprehensive, ready-to-use reports