Jenzabar Financial Aid Product Sheet

Jenzabar Financial Aid Product Sheet

Financial Aid Software for Higher Education

Financial aid is becoming an increasingly important deciding factor for learners pursuing higher education. But the financial aid process can be tricky for students to navigate. To secure enrollments, you need to get financial aid offers in the hands of potential students quickly. You also need to communicate with students and families on a personal level to ensure they meet requirements and deadlines.

Jenzabar Financial Aid was designed specifically with students in mind. Our software enables you to automate the entire financial aid process so you can get financial aid packages into student hands quickly, and it improves how staff, students, and families collaborate and communicate. Jenzabar Financial Aid makes it easier than ever for students to review and submit documents, ensuring students get the support they need to enroll and persist in their education.

At a Glance

Jenzabar Financial Aid is a modern, student-centric financial aid software solution designed specifically for higher education. Built-in automation, packaging, and reporting will help you send out your financial aid offers faster.

Simplify how students view requirements, submit documents, and accept offers by giving them access to an easy-to-use online portal. With Jenzabar Financial Aid, you can maximize operational efficiency, meet critical compliance guidelines, and enhance how your staff and your students connect.


  • Provide students with a user-friendly online portal where they can view requirements, submit documents, and accept offers in real time.
  • Give staff more time to interface with students by streamlining and automating the financial aid process.
  • Eliminate hours of paperwork and improve operational efficiency with group processing and a touchpoint-based workflow management system.
  • Import data directly from the Department of Education and manage funds to and from the COD system.
  • Automatically recalculate cost of attendance.
  • Integrate with any ERP or SIS solution.

Eliminate Hours of Paperwork and Improve Operational Efficiency

With state-of-the-art, built-in automation, packaging, and reporting, Jenzabar Financial Aid increases your productivity and gives your staff the information and tools needed to manage federal aid requirements. It enables you to process multiple student awards quickly with a simple criteria selection to define groups of students and award functions. In addition, staff can add and track comments and student groups for auditing purposes.

  • Save time with an automatic cost of attendance (COA) calculator.
  • Streamline operations with a daily work queue management system.
  • Improve efficiency with group processing capabilities.
  • Process and troubleshoot Title IV aid more easily.

Improve Student Engagement

Jenzabar Financial Aid provides students with an easy-to-use online portal, simplifying the financial aid process for students and making it easy to upload documentation and navigate requirements. Built-in communications tools allow students to get in touch with staff while also empowering staff with the ability to remind students of important documents and deadlines.

  • Offer students an accessible online financial aid experience.
  • Improve the frequency and efficacy of staff and student interactions.
  • Provide staff with more time and opportunity to engage students one-on-one.

Simplify Your Disbursement Processing

Keep information between your financial aid office and the Bursar’s office updated and accurate. With an easy integration process, the system tracks data changes and sends notifications to each user, making reconciliation simple—both at the end of each month and when closing out the award year.

  • Easily manage funds to and from the Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) system.
  • Process disbursements for any student, including traditional and non-traditional learners.
  • Expedite monthly reconciliations with the COD.

Gain Unmatched Flexibility

Give your team the ability to award multiple program types, including traditional, competency-based education, modules, standard and non-standard terms, credit and clock hours, and more.

  • Create flexible payment period options (by module, trimester, term, and more).
  • Provide staff with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.
  • Improve security and operational performance with a cloud SaaS system.  

Integrate With Your Preferred Student Information System

Don’t struggle with implementation or integration headaches. Jenzabar Financial Aid’s flexible system setup means your staff will be up and running with minimal assistance from your IT department, leaving them more time to interact with students. Best of all, Jenzabar Financial Aid seamlessly integrates with your preferred SIS.

  •  Effortlessly share information between systems.
  • Set up your system without experiencing common roadblocks.