Jenzabar Student Product Sheet

Jenzabar Student Product Sheet

Count on higher education’s top choice

Jenzabar® Student information systems (SIS) have been chosen more often than any other SIS over the past 6 years—more than double our closest competitor. Why? Colleges and universities around the world know that when you select Jenzabar, you get a proven product supported by a customer-first philosophy not found anywhere else in higher education technology.

Jenzabar Student allows authorized users to share, update, store, and report on real-time information across campus. Streamline workflows, optimize business processes, and automate operations so you can focus on helping your students.

At a Glance

Jenzabar Student is a comprehensive, fully scalable administrative solution designed exclusively for higher education. A proven SIS built on the industry-leading Microsoft® SQL Server® platform, Jenzabar Student connects your entire institution via a centralized database and a complete suite of fully integrated modules. Our system can be rapidly deployed. Its interoperable workflows easily adapt as your institution’s policies change and technology evolves.


  • Configurable
  • Integrated
  • Mobile-first
  • Cloud-ready
  • Feature-rich
  • Workflow-driven
  • Shared database
  • Powerful reporting tools
Jenzabar Student

Stay Focused on Your Students With Streamlined Operations

Optimize your operations to enhance engagement and satisfaction throughout the entire student experience. Jenzabar Student is designed with a mobile-first approach to meet students where they are and where they are going. This complete set of fully integrated modules—each sharing a common database and user interface—helps manage your student information and services.


Streamline and simplify the registration process and automate student record tracking. The Registration module manages all your vital enrollment data quickly and efficiently. Based on the needs of your institution, define and configure competencies and categories to manage competency-based education (CBE) programs, micro-credentials, and badging complete with the flexibility of open enrollment and early exit. Easily determine space availability, course conflicts, course prerequisites, and non-course prerequisites. Staff can work in batches or with individual students and track students who are withdrawing and returning with complete up-to-the minute information, including reactivation data. With the ability to verify and update all student records, the solution provides the accurate student data you need to deliver more responsive student service.

  • Student information management
  • Course catalog maintenance
  • Competency-based education, micro-credentialing, and badging
  • Course checking, tracking, and definition
  • Student registration, including walk-ins
  • Add, drop, or cancel courses
  • Open entry and open exit
  • GPA calculation
  • Course division, add/drop dates, unlimited grading options
  • Unlimited holds and warnings
  • Rules-based student classification, honors, and probation
  • In-depth online registration controls
  • Watermarked and unofficial transcripts
  • Comprehensive reporting


Give both advisors and students the information and planning tools they need to effectively manage academic progress. The Advising module positively impacts academic performance and student retention by facilitating a stronger relationship between students and faculty. With the help of mobile access to comprehensive student data, students work more closely with their academic advisors and take control of their future. Advisors have a complete, up-to-date picture of each student’s academic history to help them develop a tailored curriculum plan. Administrators can easily project future course offerings quickly and accurately by evaluating current course offerings and enrollment.

  • Academic planning
  • Degree audit
  • Advisor/advisee worksheet
  • 24x7 access to degree requirements and completion status
  • Advisor workloads
  • Course curriculum projection
  • Curriculum impact analysis
  • Course needs analysis
  • Meetings scheduling, outcome tracking
  • Student progress toward graduation monitoring
  • Faculty advising window
  • Mobile access for on-the-spot advising

Student Life

Save your administrative staff time and effort by providing fast, easy access to a broad range of centralized student records, student activity, student profiles, and student data. The Student Life module manages all your processes and information, including health recordkeeping, automated housing assignments, vehicle registration, and student conduct. Now you can track, manage, and store up-to-theminute student information at your fingertips, in summary or in detail. By simplifying routine processes and eliminating duplicate data entry, the solution helps you provide more effective student service—and enhance your most vital relationships.

  • Automated housing assignments
  • Roommate matching
  • Student conduct recording/tracking
  • Student activities tracking
  • Student health information recording/tracking
  • On-campus vehicles management
  • Vehicle registration and permit types, violation types, fine amounts
  • Available facilities (spaces and places)
  • Key assignment and tracking, returned and/or lost keys
  • Automated, federally compliant, campus crime reporting
  • Activity attendance (meetings, clubs, intramurals, fraternities and sororities, annual events, and chapel attendance)
  • Student health profiles, forms, insurance, and requirements
  • Student emergency contact information


Plan and manage outstanding events using a centralized platform. The Events module enables your team to plan, create, and schedule effective events including reserving facilities, administering events, creating and managing rosters, managing registrations including online registration forms, and providing pre- and post-event lists for comparative analytics. With automatic workflows and standard task and messaging features, the solution keeps the communication flowing across campus and among attendees and administrators.

  • Event creation and management, from simple events to multi-part events
  • Scheduling tool for locations on campus
  • Automated or manual approval of selected spaces
  • Publish events to online calendar
  • Post-event success metrics
  • Intuitive wizard for adding new events
  • Online registration and payment processing
  • Check-in features and real-time metrics to review event status
  • Online event request form
  • Mobile-first, responsive design for on-the-go planning

Student registration via the Jenzabar portal is simple and easy. With the mobile option, students can look up and register for classes at their fingertips. Advising has a great communication feature for following up with students. The portal provides an area for student life with a robust calendar to schedule events.

Raj Siddaraju
Chief Information Officer
Spoon River College

Help Your Students Become Their Best and Brightest


Enhance engagement and satisfaction throughout the entire student lifecycle. From registration to advising, from events to student life, Jenzabar Student is designed with a mobile-first approach to meet students where they are and where they are going.


Exceed student expectations with a comprehensive, fully scalable student system designed exclusively for higher education. A proven solution built on the industry-leading Microsoft® SQL Server® platform, Jenzabar Student helps your institution enhance engagement and satisfaction throughout the entire student experience.


Jenzabar Student enables you to optimize business processes and student service, allowing your team members to collaborate effectively and efficiently and share information easily across departments.


Jenzabar Student features interoperable workflows that adapt as your institutional policies change and technology evolves. With Jenzabar Student, you will save considerable time and effort by streamlining processes.