Accelerating the Move to Online Learning at Colleges and Universities With Jenzabar and IBM Cloud

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The cloud as a platform for innovation is a key part of helping higher education institutions improve adaptability and responsiveness.

The sudden shift to digital learning will have a lasting effect on academia, an area in which digital transformation rollouts have traditionally been somewhat slow. Today, the trend toward online courses and learning opportunities has accelerated far beyond any point that could have been imagined. Thankfully, Jenzabar and IBM are helping institutions navigate the waters of online learning through the cloud.

Watch this video with Dominick Stirpe of IBM's Cloud Channel Development Team and Gus Ortiz, Director of Cloud and Managed Services at Jenzabar, to learn more about how and why higher education institutions are moving to the cloud. This video highlights the challenges higher education has been facing during the COVID-19 pandemic, why Jenzabar being an IBM partner is highly advantageous for institutions, how Jenzabar has been guiding institutions to the cloud, as well as fresh perspectives on what may come next for colleges and universities around the world.

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